How to have a good star on Monster Legends


Throughout your game adventure on Monster Legends, you’ll try a lot of things. Some things will end up having a positive impact on your game performance whereas others things will impact you negatively. Learning through experience is what everyone goes through before having enhancing his skills. However, there’s a bad side in this approach: Time. Experiencing different aspects of the game takes time and do not grant results, that’s why you should resort to external documentation to develop your abilities quickly.

There’s a lot of content that discusses the tips and tricks that’ll help you in your adventure on Monster Legends. We looked through the most reliable sources to provide you with advices that’ll help you on Monster Legends.

Focus on assets: Habitats

When you’re in the low level zone, you need to keep in mind that the access to powerful items and monsters is going to be restricted. Once you start moving up in levels, you’ll unlock features, buildings and monsters that can bring a real advantage during duels. So what you need to do, is prepare you self in terms of resources to have the means to purchase these powerful assets.

In order to do that, you have to focus on having the maximum of assets that generates income. Income that you’re going to invest later on powerful and rare monsters. Habitats are the assets that are going to bring you the resources you need to be more competitive in the future. More habitats means more resources (gold, food, gems) adding up to your balance.

Unlock more floating islands:

Magical floating islands are essential when it comes to expanding your activity. It’s better to invest your gems on floating islands as it’ll give a better return on investment on the long term. Remember, that in such games, the players who succeed are patient ones who build assets for the long term. Avoid wasting Monster Legends gems on useless stuff like time constraints.

You’ll understand the huge potential behind acquiring many islands when you reach higher levels. If you check on some content creators on Youtube or blogs that discuss Monster Legends, you’ll easily notice the number of Islands.

Daily checkups:

If you want to build something really consistent, you need a consistent mindset. Monster Legends includes time constraints regarding resources collection, which somehow imposes a long term contribution from the player. Checking on your account daily, will enable you to collect the resources and constantly put improvements on your Monsters. Do not expect things to move forward by itself, you need to give your account a little by push by being devoted to the game.

Be sure that your efforts won’t be wasted, especially if you have a vision about where you want to get. Your competitors are constantly improving, but with some dedication and good knowledge, you’re sure to be feared in Monster Legends arenas.